A report that monitors “hospital diseases”, neonatal medicine and medical evidence

A public health ministry report revealed that public hospitals in Morocco are deficient in certain specialties such as the treatment and rehabilitation of newborns.

The report, presented today by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health in Rabat, that the hospitals know imbalances at the level of governance and management, is the absence of the project hospital (PEH), the absence or lack of completion of the status of support bodies and consultations and poles in hospitals.

The staff of the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health currently consists of 40 branches and staff, which are distributed between the Central General Inspectorate and the Regional Inspections. Between January 2018 and June 2019, a total of 225 inspection and audit tasks were completed, of which 27 were audit missions.

During this period, 701 complaints were examined and processed. Complaints received by patients and their families accounted for 52 percent, while complaints about health services and quality were highest at 78 percent. General Inspectorate has also reached a total of 50 complaints concerning bribery and extortion.

At the level of curative services, the Inspectorate’s report indicates that hospitals recognize the absence of an integrated information system, lack of services for receiving and directing patients and scheduling, and shortages in certain specialties such as neonatal care and rehabilitation, disparities in the production of services among health institutions, Medical.

Inspectors of the Ministry of Health also identified imbalances in the identification of needs, the use of the information system for the management of medicines, the management of stockpiles of medicines and the imbalance in the application of the system of control of absenteeism in labor regulations in terms of duration of work, custody and mandatory.

According to the report, hospitals also suffer from a lack of medical service duties, inadequate income collection, and maintenance and maintenance records of equipment and medical equipment.

With regard to private health institutions, the report has failed to respect certain technical standards, not to publish tariffs for health services in some private clinics, and to disregard the reference tariff for health services during the determination of the prices of health services.

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